Throughout our lifetime, there will be cycles when things are spinning like a merry-go-round
and we are just trying to hold on.

I’m talking about a vibrant life spinning full of plans, ideas, action, growth, perseverance,
possibilities, work, and inventions.

All good things.

But, we cannot do everything, be everything, and solve everything.
We just aren’t made to sustain that level of energy.

At some point, an assessment must take place.

What work is God’s work for me?

What focus is God’s focus for me?

What work will I be held accountable for?

What workload allows me to maintain the best testimony for Christ?

As time passes, we usually need to address and reassess areas of our lives or we will be
the same person next year that we are today, struggling and stuck in some areas,
and overworking ourselves in others.

The outcome?

Burnout and exhaustion from too much work or the wrong work.
Shame or defeat for not getting victory with strongholds.

As you know, there was no new post last week.
I was catching my breath from my own merry-go-round!

I have worked like a horse and without much sleep for at least a solid 12 months.


Time to reassess!

I love God.  He is so good.

I have been acknowledging Him on this whole path, but sometimes He lets us get in over our
heads because it helps us to see more vividly and sets us up to really want change.

God is pleased to help me figure this all out. (Isaiah 41:10)
I will always say He is the ultimate life planner.

Well, I needed to give myself a week off to slow down this merry-go-round and end the craziness.
I was going to create two plans.

1) Evaluate my workload and create an actual work schedule.  No more 10 hour days.

2) Identify my strongholds, create a mindset shift, make a plan, and get busy “fixing” my issues.

But as I got my pen and paper to take notes as I besought the Lord,
it was clear this task of planning involved so many areas,
with none of them being easy or quick to navigate.
I couldn’t possibly fix and figure out everything at one time, and certainly not in one week.

So God helped me change that unrealistic plan to a new plan that is sustainable but keeps me
moving forward in my different roles as wife, mother, entrepreneur, and servant to Christ.

Here is the plan.  Drumroll………

Live for today, plan for today, change for today,
grow for today.  Be present for today.


Let me explain.

Initially when I sat down with the Lord, my pen and my paper, I began by making lists.
Lists of everything I was supposed to be doing as a mother, wife and homemaker.
Lists of all my business responsibilities and goals.
Lists of the nutritional goals that needed to be implemented to restore my health.

After making a small bit of headway with some business things,
God had me start focusing on my plan for being free from eating issues. (one of my strongholds)

This is where I realized that creating my escape plan from the merry-go-round
was going take more than a week.
This is not a simple fix.
After hours of writing, praying, studying, and identifying the lies that have
kept me trapped in bondage to food, I realized I would never get started on a new life because
the “plan” was taking so long to write!

God then showed me that while I continue in the long-term process of overcoming personal strongholds
and calming chaos in my schedule,I had to find victory and peace and satisfaction in today.

They needed to happen simultaneously.

Living today, for today, is how God wants me to navigate out of my tail spin.
And God is my guide.

Before I continue to explain exactly what God meant and what this actually looks like,
I acknowledge that many things require a plan for tomorrow,
a plan for upcoming months and even upcoming years.

Yes, make a budget anticipating future costs, plan for that baby on the way,
plan your journey to the mission field.  Get clear on your standards for choosing a spouse,
think about how you will raise your children, set goals for spiritual growth, set goals for your business.

Yes, there are future plans we have to make, but we can’t LIVE in that future.
We can’t live in the future of who or where we want to be one day.

God was saying to me, “Make your plans, keep them in your view, but LIVE for today.”

If we get stuck in our future we will miss the daily precious moments of the journey.
We will miss the daily success, sweetness and peace that each day has to offer.

All of us can say, “Where has the time gone?”

There are possibly years in our past lost to not living in the moment and
not savoring all the gifts that day had to offer.

This plan allows us to take action and get victory one day at a time,
while savoring the moments and participating in today.

It allows forward momentum while redeeming the gift of the day.

Here is an example of mindset that I believe God does not want us having on an ongoing basis.

We have often heard the question being asked,
“If you learned you had one day left to live, what would you do?”

Our minds go into a tizzy thinking of all the things we must do and say before our time is up.
Then we imagine ourselves in a frenzied, anxiety-ridden pace, as we hurry to finish a
lifetime of living in the few hours we have left.

All though this question and its imagined answers have value,
to actually live daily with this mindset and carry out each moment
with that kind of energy and zeal is not sustainable.

This scenerio and mind-set produces results and impact for a very short window of time.
But we need consistent victory in our daily tasks and responsibilities to triumphantly
get us to the end of our course.
The end of our course could be tomorrow, or it could be 60 years from now.

I believe God wants us to apply a similar mindset, but on a much more sustainable level.

In a way, we will be making decisions as if the new day was our last.

But instead of using our last day to try and change the world, our intention will be to use
that last day to move through it with a master plan in view, but focusing on God’s work for today.

Taking each obstacle as it comes, meeting each trial with the answer that it needs for that day.

Only taking on the workload that is sustainable for that day.

Meeting our family’s needs for that day.

Taking our plans for our future, and implementing them one day at a time.

THAT is the key.

Taking our plans and dreams and goals for our future, and implementing them one day at a time.

It is the daily victories, the daily wins, the daily steps forward that lead
to the future and changes we are wanting.

The cumulative effect of daily results is where lasting change and transformation happen.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back everything is different?”
C.S. Lewis

What if today was replicated?
If today’s success was repeated for 365 days, what would that look like in one year?

Think of it as the growth of a young tree.
Every day it is growing, but at such a slow rate, we don’t see the daily progress.
But by the end of 365 days, that tree has grown 7-10 feet!

Or what about this “picture?”
What if each day we added one sit-up.
Our daily growth of adding one sit-up per day, that slow, consistent, small addition would
result in quite a transformation at the end of 365 days!

To change our future,
we only need to change TODAY.

So, imagine one victory each day in controlling our temper, one victory each day of
including prayer in our schedule, one victory each day of crossing one thing off our list
that previously had been neglected.  By the end of 365 days, we would see a transformation!

What I am writing is no quick fix.  Not for me or for you.
It takes action on our part to do the work to seek God’s guidance, implement God’s principals,
honestly self-evaluate and to persevere through the slow-journey that life-long change takes to accomplish.

This is a transformation that I am going through right now!
And quite frankly, we all should be.
We all should be continually moving forward in the sanctification process.

Strongholds only need to be strongholds if God is allowing them for His purpose.  (Like my Bipolar.)

But God also offers freedom from strongholds. (Like from food issues or overworking)

If God continues to have me share this escape from the merry-go-round with you,
then next week I will write more about what this living in the moment is really looking like in my daily life.

He has already given me some great ideas to implement what He is teaching me.

I believe many of us are working too hard, doing work God hasn’t given us,
and dealing with strongholds that oppress us.

If we have changes we want to make in our lives, if we want to be in a new and different
place a year from now, we must choose to take action to see that it happens.  Let’s not stay stuck!

The Christian life is never to be stagnant.
God gives us the power to choose action and to choose abundant life.
There should always be a forward moving momentum.
Even if it is happening in micro-movements.

Whether or not God has me continue to specifically write on this subject,
I hope you find that every post I write is calling and moving you to action.
Calling and moving you to change your mindset to see things from God’s perspective.
Calling and moving you to take action to be accountable and responsible for your life, your happiness,
and your thinking, regardless of circumstances.

God led me to write a song about living in TODAY.
It is called While You Wait.  You can listen HERE.

See you next week!

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