Beautiful from the Glimpses of You Album
(Official Music Video)

“My Mother’s Faith” from the Amazing Grace Album

I recently visited Washington D.C., stood in front of the actual Star-Spangled Banner, and with hand over heart, quietly sang this treasured song.  I am so grateful for the dedication of our Veterans of the past and present.

How Deep the Father’s Love

Strings being added to “Sovereign” for the new album, Glimpses of You. Recorded at the Library Studios in Nashville, this is composer Steve Mauldin conducting. Steve wrote strings for ten of the songs on the album. Playing from left to right are Carole Rabinowitz, Monisa Angell, Dave Angell, and studio owner David Davidson.

Recording strings on “Beautiful” for the Glimpses of You album at the Library studios in Nashville. This is Monisa Angell on viola, Dave Angell on violin, composer Steve Mauldin conducting, engineer Daewoo Kim, and David Chamberlain from Faith Music Missions.

My son Dakota at Wind Over the Earth Studios recording cello on the song “Yet Still” for the new album, Glimpses of You.

Sharing the Christmas Gift that outlasts the season!
Song begins at 4:23.
Our friend David Chamberlain is on piano.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

Ahh!  Spider at rehearsal!