The Glimpses of You album took almost three years to complete.
This picture was taken moments after I saw the finished CD for the first time.
Praise the Lord for the journey. What I learned on the way was priceless!

At the Library Studios in Nashville recording all the strings for the album. Our composer, Steve Mauldin, is on the left, and my husband Todd is on the right.

These are amazing people! This is composer Steve Mauldin, Monisa Angell – Viola, Carole Rabinowitz – Cello, Me, Dave Angell – Violin, David Davidson – Violin and owner of The Library Studios, and Daewoo Kim – Engineer.

Our good friend David Chamberlain from Faith Music Missions.  You hear his piano playing on all my albums.  He is extremely talented, yet so humble. David is a valuable servant of the Lord.

Engineer Daewoo Kim.  He was so encouraging to work with and a master at his job!

Steve Mauldin.  He created the beautiful string parts for ten of the eleven songs on the album.  I am so impressed with his talent and grateful for the heart and soul he puts into creating his work.

The amazing string players.  Carole Rabinowitz, Monisa Angell, David Angell, and David Davidson.

I absolutely love this picture.  Whenever I see these joyful faces it just
makes me happy.  After almost eight hours of recording, it was obvious
these women love what they do. Monisa is on the left, Carole on the right.

At Faith Music Missions, recording vocals for the Glimpses of You album.

Standing with Debbie Russ at the beautiful Aiken Theatre in Evansville, Indiana.

My first up do! Getting ready for a fun evening.

Got to buy a beautiful dress.

Faith Music Radio really pampered me with my own dressing room!

Got to see Mike Thompson and meet his lovely wife, Allison.

While in Evansville for the Christmas Celebration, I got to enjoy time with Dan and Janice Wolfe at Faith Music Radio. They are wonderful, godly people.  I am so blessed to know them!

This picture is from our very first trip to Faith Music Missions way back in 2004. Pastor Eric Capaci graciously invited Todd and me to record a song on their Gospel Light Christmas Album, allowing us to meet many from his church family and also the wonderful people at Boeke Road Baptist Church and Faith Music Missions. This invitation literally changed the course of my life and began my music ministry. Pictured with my husband Todd is singer/songwriter Bruce Frye. The other group of friends is singer/songwriter Sonya Chittum and singers Sharon and Richard Pope.