Loss of a loved one. A friend, spouse, parent, child, sibling.

Loss of freedom, as when the elderly lose their independence one day at a time.

Loss from an accident or illness such as paralysis or brain injury, mobility or sight.

Loss of fellowship as from a church, a divorce, a wayward child, a forsaken friendship.

Loss of a dream, a plan that becomes shattered with no repair.

The grief of loss is so heavy.

One can physically feel it on the heart as it takes one’s breath away.

How can such pain be comforted?

Suffering one, what do you need?

I am thinking that after losing something dear you need acknowledgment of your pain before healing can even begin.

I am thinking you want to be allowed to feel your grief without reprimand.

Perhaps you need someone to just sit with you in silence, or weep quietly together with you with no words.

Perhaps you just need someone around you that has strength, so somehow you can have strength.

Perhaps you need mercy from others that you will not be judged as you experience grief in your own way.

You probably hope that as the years pass,
someone will remember that the loss still hurts
and will be praying for you even still.

Friend, may I share what soothes me when I so desperately need comfort from loss?

I turn to the only One who truly knows my sorrow.

I begin by telling myself that God allows my grief.
He allows me to cry and to pour out my soul to Him.
I remind myself that He will go through my grief with me.

I remind myself that His strong, gentile arms hold me, and that they are under me, supporting me as I collapse from my pain.

I remind myself that God will share His strength with me.

Strength to breathe.
Strength to get out of bed.
Strength to do the mundane tasks required.

Friend, He sees when we are hurting, when those close to us haven’t noticed.

He doesn’t tire of our groanings when we come to Him yet again.

He is abundant with His mercy if our bitterness drives us to accuse Him for allowing such pain.  He lovingly draws us back to Him.

God is patient as we work through overwhelming feelings and emotions.
He stays with us as we sort through them together.
He does not forsake us as we wrestle trying to understand His intentions.
He just keeps loving us.

And if He says it is time to start living again, we can trust His voice.

He doesn’t ask us to ignore our grief,
but to just begin noticing life around us.

God can become our greatest comfort concerning the things we have lost.

Let yourself learn to trust Him.

Suffering one,
may I encourage you to consider
allowing God to share your pain with you?

Perhaps you can begin by asking Him to just show Himself to you.
Perhaps you can invite Him to be your companion through this grief.

You have already lost so much.
You having nothing to lose by inviting Him to be with you.

I pray you will take that chance.

Surely He (Jesus) hath born our griefs,
and carried our sorrows.
Isaiah 53:4a

He hath sent me (Jesus) to heal the brokenhearted,
to preach deliverance to the captives,
and recovering of sight to the blind,
to set at liberty them that are bruised,
Luke 4:18